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Elias Canetti, Crowds and Power

Dreams & Dramas
is research project started with the exhibit in nGbK in Berlin and was developed further in HIT Gallery in Bratislava. The project ask, what kind of mixed practices is the law and introduces law in broad perspective as specific tool, creating social relations.


The ambivalent law’s nature – of simultaneous description and production – offers an inducement to pose the question: What are the ways in which we can use the double nature of the law, regaining our agency, to re-describe and re-create the social order? Narratives techniques assemble social existence according to values and beliefs of those who wield the power of naming (writing the legal text), but also, importantly, the power of executing the text.

In The Making of Law Bruno Latour presents law as a fabric which is irreducible to an editorial unit; emerging from the law, but not limited to it: Law does not reside in the law, but equally in the context of application which they have seen with their own eyes and with which they have sometimes violently collide.

To visualize the manufacture of the law, the project strives to link fields which are senso stricto unconnected:

the use of literary forms in transcending set structures, trying to cull keywords from the prescriptions, and to prompt transitions. These bridges and crossings are, perhaps, a dream. But in dreams begins responsibility for not allowing oneself to be persuaded that the law is a place where we can only speak in the language from which it is created. The causative can derive from a poetic.

Dreams & Dramas. Law as Literature reader introduces law in broad perspective as specific tool that creates social relations under its own principles. The law, as it were, distils fractions of reality to serve its purpose, and then assembles the elements, as if on a factory line, into a concrete picture, a parallel world.

The reader reveals law’s fictional character and dispel the myth: the law is the system based on facts. At the same time in order to present this complex and woven relation, the book tracks specific tools, used by law: cut, montage, indirect speech and legal fiction.
The publication is divided into four chapters where the concepts of body, land, property and community are presented so as to shed light and confer new meaning on one another.
The reader contains different contributions remaining in a dialogue: visual and textual, the disciplined and the trans-disciplinary academics texts, but also short stories, interviews.

the book edit

Agnieszka Kilian
in collaboration with Jaro Varga
and Joerg Franzbecker

Kaja Gliwa
published by
HIT Gallery and nGbK 

The publication Dreams and Dramas. Law as Literature is part of the nGbK-project (exhibition lectures, performances) in 2017.
Financed by LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin.

Supported with public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

  This book was published on the occasion of the exhibition Dreams&Dramas. Law as Literature in neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (10th March – 7th May 2017).
Project Group Dreams&Dramas: Anna Bromley (since January 2017), Wojtek Gąsiorowski (till December 2016), Kaja Gliwa, Agnieszka Kilian, Paulina Olszewska (till January 2017), Alicja Rogalska, Jaro Varga.

The book concept was developed further in the frame of research platform carried out by Hit Gallery in Bratislava.


the book is avaible


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